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The Making of a Brand Story with Lovdahl Salon & Studio


Having a brand story that speaks to your customers is the key to help you stand out from your competitors, connect with your customers in a meaningful way, and grow that amazing business of yours.

And I’m talking all about what went into the making of a brand story for the talented Alyssa from Lovdahl Salon & Studio. Including read-worthy results you won’t want to miss!

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I mean think about it, if speeding up only causes you to break down later, maybe the trick to speeding up isn’t speed, but rest itself?

Maybe by taking the time to rest and smell the coffee, you actually gain the tools you need to pick up speed again…like intention, clarity, and energy.

Why the Secret to Catching Up Might Just Be Slowing Down

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How to Improve Your Website Copy for SEO aka Google


Check out a guest post from Robyn with Digital Butter that’s ALL about helping you optimize your website copy for search engines. You’ll learn why search engine optimization (SEO) matters to your business and discover five helpful tips to make your website copy SEO-friendly.

Because at the end of the day, you’re not just writing for humans; you’re also writing for Google.

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Rebranding your business is never an easy decision, but it is a common practice that many companies undergo at some point. After all, your brand’s job is to reach your customers, tell your story and market your products or services. So, if your brand is no longer doing its job, it might be time for a refresh or a rebrand.

And after recently rebranding Leeza Writes to Freshly Brewed Copy, I can tell you firsthand that it’s the BEST decision I’ve ever made for my business.

How to Know When It Might Be Time to Rebrand Your Business