3 Signs It May Be Time to Rebrand Your Business

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While rebranding your business is never an easy decision, there are many good reasons why so many companies undergo this significant change at some point or another on their journey. Aside from updating your visual identity, rebranding your name, strategy, messaging, or all of the above can help you reach your ideal customers, leverage your story, and effectively market your products or services. 

With over 10+ years in business, we’ve gone through several rebrands and refreshes for various reasons. The first rebrand happened when we changed our business name from Leeza Writes to Freshly Brewed Copy (FBC). And the most recent change occurred when we repositioned FBC in the marketplace as a creative copywriting studio with design in mind. So, if you’re unsure or just not feeling your brand lately, here are 3 signs to help you know if it’s time to invest in rebranding your business. 

3 Signs It May Be Time to Rebrand Your Business

1. You business is evovling

One of the biggest giveaways that you’re ready for a rebrand is when you notice your company growing and evolving beyond its original vision, vision, and unique selling proposition.

This change in strategic direction can look like uncovering a more significant impact you want to make, who you want to serve, and how you want to help them. It can also look like new and improved operations and systems, a growing team, and a greater projected revenue.

Our most recent brand refresh felt necessary when we redefined our mission, expanded our services, and expanded our team to include more creative design services to support our clients’ growing needs.

As a creative copywriting studio, we wanted our clients to know that we offer a more holistic brand and marketing experience that can transform their brand into a memorable experience that stands out and stands the test of time.

In addition to a revamped brand strategy and all-new website copy, one of the big shifts from this change resulted in our brand voice transitioning from singular to plural across all channels. 

2. You’re having a hard time differentiating your brand

If your unique selling proposition, brand story, or company name is too generic, you could be missing out on an opportunity to stand in the minds of your customers. That’s why it’s essential to focus on what makes your business unique and why someone should work with you instead of your competitors. 

Several years after launching Leeza Writes, we ran into challenges differentiating our brand from other writers and communicating that we specialized in copywriting services.

We also wanted to give our clients a metaphor that would enable them to quickly understand that copy is like coffee for their business—when done right, it can energize your story, provide more clarity, and fuel your impact. Naturally, this prompted Leeza Writes to evolve into what is known as Freshly Brewed Copy today. 

3. You want to target new customers or offer new products or services

Another sign it might be time to rebrand your business is if you’re targeting a new audience or rolling out a new product or service that no longer aligns with your current brand or existing target audience. 

While we initially rebranded Leeza Writes to Freshly Brewed Copy to target new customers, one of the main reasons behind our recent brand refresh was to let new and existing customers know that we offer copywriting grounded in strategy and storytelling with design in mind. 

Need rebranding support? We’ve got you covered!

Of course, knowing that it’s time to rebrand is only the first step. The process itself can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. But the good news is we’ve helped countless business owners like you through the rebranding process.

So, if the time has come to reimagine your brand, we can’t wait to start the conversation over a virtual coffee chat with you!

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